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How we collaborated

Supply Change undertook an opportunity analysis of Eurovia’s recent refurbishment of Vauxhall Bridge to identify which categories of spend were suited to being delivered by a social enterprise supplier. 

Using data analysis and our expert knowledge of the social enterprise market in the UK we were able to identify a potential £350,000 of spending that could be redirected towards social enterprise suppliers across different categories such as paint supply, cleaning and construction services. This made up over 10% of the overall contract spend. Supply Change were also able to identify how much of Eurovia’s spend was leaking out of the local economy to suppliers based outside of London. 

As a result, Supply Change is now helping Eurovia to carry out further opportunity analyses across 4 other regions of their business with the aim of introducing recommended suppliers across the identified opportunity areas. 

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Identifying social procurement opportunities for Eurovia

Eurovia deliver specialist highway services across the largest, dedicated, highways portfolio within the UK. They approached Supply Change wanting to understand more about how they could engage with social enterprises through their supply chain spending, but were unsure of where the opportunities lay. 


What is social procurement?

Social procurement creates better outcomes for society, the environment and your business. It prioritises social and environmental outcomes alongside financial factors. Social supply chains include suppliers who deliver services and impact.


Social procurement is now part of UK Government legislation. £300 billion of expenditure must now include a social value evaluation. Leaders in the private sector are also adopting a similar strategy.

Get in touch

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The Social Procurement Round Up

The Social Procurement Round-up keeps those motivated by impact in business up to date with the latest in social enterprise, sustainability and CSR.

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