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How we collaborated

Eight housing associations, some of the UK’s largest among them, took part in this analysis and provided Supply Change with data sets on their contracts and spending. Supply Change cleaned and categorised the spend data and enriched supplier data with information from Companies House to be able to identify existing social enterprise suppliers and shared suppliers across the HAs involved. 


Alongside this analysis, HACT, Renaisi and Supply Change also carried out interviews and surveys with both the housing and social enterprise sector to further narrow down on findings and inform the next stages of CIP’s review. 


The results provided useful insight into trends across housing supply chains and demonstrated both the benefits and limitations of data analysis when considering such a complex topic as social procurement opportunities.

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Using data analysis to build a strategic future for Community Impact Partnership

Supply Change, as part of a team alongside HACT and Renaisi, were  given the unique opportunity to analyse the spend and contract data of 8 UK housing associations to explore how operational and commercial spending could be used to support purpose driven organisations and how this might shape the future direction of CIP. 


What is social procurement?

Social procurement creates better outcomes for society, the environment and your business. It prioritises social and environmental outcomes alongside financial factors. Social supply chains include suppliers who deliver services and impact.


Social procurement is now part of UK Government legislation. £300 billion of expenditure must now include a social value evaluation. Leaders in the private sector are also adopting a similar strategy.

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The Social Procurement Round Up

The Social Procurement Round-up keeps those motivated by impact in business up to date with the latest in social enterprise, sustainability and CSR.

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