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Connecting buyers and social suppliers

The DPS was created by Supply Change and Orbit Group. It is an open-access platform that allows buyers to easily reach and contract suppliers who can deliver great services and important impact.


Clear Voice Interpreting Services, is one of the first suppliers to register and bid for work on the platform. The work it won has helped it:

  • gain more income

  • save time and resources

  • grow its team

  • deliver more profits to charity

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Clear Voice: Growing income and impact with the first VCSE-only DPS

Clear Voice Interpreting Services is one of the first suppliers to win work from the first-of-its-kind purchasing platform for suppliers who are Voluntary, Charitable and Social Enterprise organisations (VCSEs). 

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Lowering barriers for social suppliers

Shelby James, Partnership Coordinator at Clear Voice Interpreting Services:

"The DPS lowers a lot of barriers for us as a social enterprise. It’s a one-of-a-kind platform where all the buyers are looking for social enterprises to work with. This cuts out the hassle of applying for tenders where buyers are solely focused on the cost of services.

We love that the DPS platform is so straightforward and easy to use. It's a lot less time-consuming than other tender platforms as we don’t have to fill in endless amounts of forms with the same information on each contract. 

We know that all buyers on this platform care about Social Value the way we do. Working with like-minded people and organisations who have a real dedication to supporting social value aligns with Clear Voices values. The DPS has made it easier to find buyers who have social value in mind.

The increase in calls has been impactful because we have been able to make more profit to donate to Migrant Help. We've interpreted 230,000 calls, which are themselves impactful as it stops language becoming a barrier for out clients and the people they work with or support."


value of first contract won on the DPS


interpreting calls made


of profits donated to Migrant Help

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I have found Clear Voice brilliant! I have the app on my phone, and when visiting my Chinese customer, who speaks very little English, this has proved invaluable. I have spoken many times with different interpreters, they have all been friendly, incredibly patient and made the whole experience for both the customer and myself and any other professional a whole lot easier. I would definitely recommend them.

Clear Voice customer from Orbit Group

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Find out more about our VCSE-only DPS

Buyers and suppliers can now register to tender and bid for contracts on the DPS. Head to our DPS page to find out how.

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Get in touch

Contact us to discuss the simplest route to social procurement for your organisation. Our team will get back to you within two working days to arrange an initial call.

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The Social Procurement Round Up

The Social Procurement Round-up keeps those motivated by impact in business up to date with the latest in social enterprise, sustainability and CSR.

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