Supply Change Consulting Service

Have an upcoming tender or opportunity that you would like to find social suppliers for?

Interested in understanding more about how to drive social impact through your supply chain?

If you are a private or public sector buyer, our team can work in partnership with you to find a solution that benefits both your business and society.


How it works

We offer 2 Packages to help you increase your social value.


Smart Matching

If you have a specific opportunity in mind that you would be interested in working with a social enterprise on, the Supply Change team offers the following package:

Introductions to new social enterprise suppliers

Due diligence support

Supply chain analysis and smart matching

If you would like additional support in getting your organisation ready to work with social enterprises, our tailored package includes:

A review of your current supply chain, and existing social enterprise spend

Introductions to new social enterprise suppliers and due diligence support.

Advise on how to translate your social enterprise procurement spend into a social impact report


Get in touch if you have any questions about our offers!

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