Social Supplier Dynamic Purchasing

Welcome to a new, innovative open access procurement platform powered by Supply Change and Orbit, which connects suppliers and buyers to deliver commercial value and social impact.

What is a DPS?

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A DPS is a system that buyers can use to purchase goods and services for their organisations.

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Supply Change and Orbit have set up this DPS so that buyers can source these goods and services from suppliers who can deliver quality and a positive impact, such as Social Enterprises, Charities and Sheltered Workshops (organisations employing disadvantaged workers).

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The DPS has been set up to ensure it is compliant with UK procurement legislation.

What is a DPS?

For buyers the DPS removes buying complexity, by offering a ready-made procurement system, which is compliant with UK Procurement legislation.

For suppliers, the DPS opens the door to new commercial partnerships with a procurement framework that is open for all.

I’m a supplier, how does it work for me?

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Suppliers can apply to join the DPS by registering interest and completing an online questionnaire.

Questionnaires are then evaluated by Supply Change and, if approved, the supplier is added to the DPS.

Once added, suppliers can bid for suitable contracts, opening the door to increased growth and commercial opportunities.

I’m a buyer, how does it work for me?