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Building futures with Connection Crew

Whilst a new addition to the Supply Change platform, Connection Crew bring a wealth of experience of providing services to the construction sector. With the ability to provide a variety of support at scale whilst delivering impact for ex-homeless people, we know that Connection Crew will give Supply Change buyers a welcome opportunity to create impact whilst navigating successful projects.

What does a modular bathroom have in common with a grand piano? What does contract emulsion have in common with the annual BAFTA awards ceremony?

They can all be handled with care and precision by the multi-skilled team at Connection Crew CIC.

Social enterprise Connection Crew is busy building on its experience in the construction sector; a sector that represents natural progression for the transferable skills and personalities found in event crewing. Working with leading names like Wates, they’re driving value and social impact, adding to the 289 jobs and 160,000 hours of employment they’ve generated for ex-homeless men and women since 2005.

Connection Crew have identified a number of construction stages where its multiskilled crew can add value. Head of Ventures, Camilla Marcus-Dew tells us more.

‘We’ve just completed a huge fact-finding drive, speaking to over 40 stakeholders across construction, housing associations, training providers and the supply chain, and it’s apparent that there’s a role for Connection Crew in construction at nearly every point from pre-build to completion,’ she says, ‘And these are roles that free up skilled trades, save contractor time and money, and most importantly, add evidenced social impact to the supply chain of a project.’

Pre-build & Design

At bid stage, Connection Crew’s vast experience of outdoor events could prove hugely valuable to constructors, as they are uniquely placed to advise on the feasibility, logistics and safety of proposed ‘meanwhile’ and placemaking structures and events for the wider community – an increasingly important factor - as well as delivering them throughout the project and beyond.

Additionally for these early stages, a significant tech investment means Connection Crew can provide 360° virtual tours and walkthroughs, aerial mapping and AR site visualisations via app, as well as point cloud mapping using Lidar scanning tech. These cost-effective resources combine to tell a rich story of each project from day one. Quoting and tendering processes can run more smoothly and help contractors visualise the space without having to visit work sites which is an easy way to reduce environmental footprint.

Build & Fit-out

Connection Crew are experts at site office management, facilitating the move of contents from build to build, taking care of logistics and storage, and championing circularity through refurbishment, recycling and repurposing of site office furniture and assets. They’ve helped Wates move site offices across London since 2011 and know how to keep it simple.

On the build itself, site managers can utilise Connection Crew’s (hu)manpower to move and accurately position modular units ready for connection, saving valuable time for skilled trades. The crew have substantial experience moving large, heavy and expensive items, safely and calmly within extremely hectic environments on events sites across the country.

With over 50 years’ collective on-site experience, the team are well versed in preparation and clearance works. The teams are fully insured and ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited.

Topping Out (and beyond)

Whether for a press gala, a flagship opening, or a small-scale event, Connection Crew together with digital arm Stitch, can help. They’ve developed four packages that tick all the boxes for prestige construction projects, both on site and virtually. Constructors can engage and immerse the local community in the story of the build through a digitally delivered ceremony, complete with stage, lectern, on-site camera operator and technician, and live broadcast with Stitch’s remote production studio and all the important added touches, such as Ceremonial Trowels and memorabilia. In addition, the digital team can create further digital outputs from the event as needed.

‘We’re taking the best bits of our unique skill set from high-end events and applying them to construction,’ says Senior Account Manager, Robin Beshoori. ‘There are so many possible outcomes but at the heart is attention to detail and professionalism, together with much more employment for people affected by homelessness. We’ve kicked off the journey to do this’.


If you are interested in Connection Crew and their services or engaging with any social enterprise suppliers, please get in touch with us at


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