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COP26: 4 social suppliers who can reduce your business' environmental impact

Stark warnings about the impact of climate change are nothing new. The IPCC’s report earlier this year was perhaps the most alarming to date. COP26 represents a potential turning point where political leaders can agree on a strategy to tackle climate change. Many business leaders already agree that to make genuine positive change, supply chains must be improved. Every business's supply chain holds opportunities to reduce harm to the environment. Social suppliers offer a simple to attain option to reduce waste, emissions, pollution and harm to people working in the supply chain. Here are four social enterprise suppliers creating benefits to the planet.

The Skill Mill

Introduced to Supply Change by our partners Kier; environmental service The Skill Mill is one of the latest to join our platform of trusted social suppliers. It provides services which care for the maintenance of local urban green spaces and also rural land maintenance. Their work includes reducing flood risk arising from climate change. Skill Mill benefits communities by delivering services which improve the local environment, increase civic pride and care for public spaces and community assets.

The Skill Mill is the UK national coordinator for World Cleanup Day. World Cleanup Day is a global event mobilising citizens, community groups, corporations and government bodies to participate in a day of action to highlight the issue of waste and especially single use plastic. On top of that they employ ex-offenders, actively reducing reoffending whilst increasing engagement, participation, employability and educational levels of the young people to increase their life chances.

The Skill Mill employ ex-offenders, actively reducing reoffending

Find out how Supply Change can connect you with impactful social suppliers to improve your supply chains.


Planet First Energy

Many organisations are being applauded for making commitments to achieving “net zero”. Planet First Energy supports organisations on their pathway to Net Zero by helping them to buy more renewable energy as well as reduce their overall energy use. Their carbon offsetting services also allows buyers to mitigate inevitable emissions of their work. Support with carbon strategy and reporting means that Planet First Energy customers can retain and win more business by proving themselves to be leaders in reducing emissions. Planet First Energy also delivers social value by tackling fuel poverty.

Greenstream flooring

Reducing waste and adopting circular economy principles at scale can have big reductions in carbon emissions associated with the production of materials. It also reduces the amount of harmful waste going to landfill that can create pollution. Particularly, plastic polymers continue to contribute to global warming when they are disposed of. Greenstream Flooring offers a full supply and fit service of reused carpet and flooring tiles for all kinds of buildings including commercial offices, public institutions and homes. In 2020 they diverted 307 tonnes of material away from landfills and made carbon savings of 290 tonnes.

In 2020 Greenstream Flooring diverted 307 tonnes of material away from landfills

Ethstat Ethical Stationery

Ethstat have a proven track record of creating a more sustainable supply chain for any organisation when it comes to their office supplies. Ethstat themselves achieved carbon neutrality in 2004 and every customer gets a free carbon analysis of their office's consumption.

Their diligent research ensures customers are getting the most sustainable products and service available. Last year Ethstat worked with Orbit Housing to reduce packaging and the number of deliveries needed for PPE supplies. This created 400% reductions in packaging and reductions in carbon emissions and procurement time whilst creating cost savings for Orbit. Ethstat also commits 100% of their profits to social missions including tackling homelessness and dementia.


Supply Change makes social procurement easier, quicker and more impactful for any organisation.

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  • Achieve your impact goals using existing spend

  • Become an impact leader amongst your network

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