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Mediorite: Providing young Londoners with opportunities in media

Many independent businesses spend a lot of money to use production companies to improve their brand image. However, not many know that switching to a social enterprise media company can not only look good but do good. Mediorite is a production company that creates films for independent businesses all the way up to global brands. They have created successful virtual tours, webinars and training demos to connect with audiences for construction companies ISG and Wates as well as global corporates Red Bull, Royal Sun Alliance and a host of market leading charities like The British Library. Their client jobs help generate paid work for young people in London's most deprived boroughs and secure placements at mainstream companies such as; SKY, BBC, MTV and many more.

They are a purpose driven business and have taken the time to sit with us to talk about the company's journey and the good it does. Telling us how it all started, Founder and Director of Mediorite, Lucy Ferguson says “I was working in media but had become increasingly aware of the struggles of young people growing up in London and the lack of diversity within big media companies like mine. London really is a tale of two cities with few of the opportunities that creative businesses offer going to local young (and diverse talent).”

Understanding that there are many media companies to compete with, Lucy explains what makes them different compared to the others. “We are underpinned by a youth training programme that gives us access to young talent to support larger jobs or lead on smaller less complex jobs, passing the savings on to clients”.

Having already achieved a great amount we asked what they would hope to achieve within the next 5 years, Lucy tells us “I'd love an office full of apprentices, young camera operators and editors working with seasoned freelancers to deliver a wide range of jobs! I know we'd add value around creating content around mental health, especially with the construction community too and I want one of our trainees to get a Netflix show!”


Mediorite impact in 2020

  • Worked with 55 younger people including 19 on the flagship SHIFT programme.

  • 84% SHIFT programme participants were from non-white backgrounds.

  • Provided 215 hours of paid work and 102 hours of work experience to young people on our programmes.

  • 92% of young people surveyed on the SHIFT programmes rated Mediorite’s impact on their confidence in work situations as 7/10 or higher, with 75% rated it 8/10 or higher.

  • 100% of SHIFT participants are now in education, employment or training


Although Mediorite is an award-winning creative agency and social enterprise, Lucy’s personal highlights are individual’s successes outside of the company rather than within her own team; “We have had ex trainees go to work at the BBC and be able to reach down and take young people we're working with now on placements. That's so rewarding as you really feel the ripple effect that supporting people can have when things like that happens”.

We paid £7050 in freelance fees to young people involved in our programmes. £57584 in total to young people we emply
Mediorite's paid work for young people

Whilst social enterprises are doing their part for the community, not everyone is aware of which companies are a social enterprise. So what can social enterprises do to become mainstream as commercial businesses? “...SEUK has a directory of businesses and the sector is so varied that there are social enterprises doing just about everything…” Lucy also passionately tells us “Give us a chance and let us pitch and if we do the same job for the same money AND you get social value? Tell everyone you meet how you've played your part in making the world a better place.”


If you are interested in Mediorite and their services or engaging with any social enterprise suppliers, please get in touch with us at


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