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Nordis Signs: 50 years of creating employment for disabled people

In 2022, signage supplier, social enterprise and now a Supply Change Trusted Supplier, Nordis Signs will celebrate its 50th Birthday. Originally set up in 1972, Nordis Signs (then Nordis Industries) was created to provide meaningful employment for disabled people in the local area, as it still does today. It later became a part of leading infrastructure services, construction and property developments Group, Kier.

Nordis Signs office manager, Lindsey Bosson, tells us about Nordis’ work and how Nordis has been able to influence Kier’s efforts at creating social impact.

“Nordis was initially founded by Northamptonshire County Council, until we were sold into the private sector in 2010. We officially became part of Kier Group in 2013 and in the following years have gradually increased our standing within the business, helping Kier to focus its efforts in social sustainability. We provide signage for some of Kier’s largest projects but are always keen to increase the amount of work we provide for external customers.”

Although it is part of a large organisation, Nordis is an agile supplier which is able to take a responsive and personable approach to customers. Lindsey tells us how Nordis still retains positive characteristics associated with a smaller business.

“Nordis Signs can offer our customers the best of both worlds. Nordis itself is a relatively small company, which allows us to provide a personal ‘hands-on’ service. We love working with customers of all sizes to provide them with the right product at the right price. It’s the long-term relationships that we build with our customers that can really lead to some fruitful endeavours.”

With the support of Kier, customers of Nordis Signs also get many of the benefits of a supplier with big backing. Lindsey goes on to tell us how through Kier, Nordis is able to tap into Kier’s extensive network and experience.

“At the same time, we have the strength and backing of a huge national company. As well as the general support and services Kier helps us with, we can tap into its resources in various areas including sustainability both social and environmental. This helps us to become a more well-rounded company when it comes to all areas of CSR.”

Nordis Signs is a registered provider of Supported Employment and its workforce is largely made up of disabled people. While the combination of experience and support from Kier has made Nordis an established and trusted signage fabricator, it’s employee support that Lindsey is keen to highlight.

“Nordis is especially good at working with our people in the wider aspects of their life. Since its inception in 1972, the ethos of Nordis has been to help those with disabilities and difficulties to find meaningful employment. This support does not stop within the workplace. Due to various conditions, many of our employees also have struggles outside of work, and Nordis is keen to make their lives easier. From making phone calls and assisting with paperwork and even going to medical appointments with employees if they have nobody else – it is the wider aspect of helping our employees that makes Nordis what we are.”

Nordis Signs supplies many of Kier’s projects with signage and goods, and Kier continues to support the expansion of the business externally. It was through our partnership with Kier that Supply Change was introduced to Nordis. Having now joined Supply Change as a Trusted Supplier, Supply Change, together with Kier, can support Nordis to engage more organisations and create more impact.

“We hope that Supply Change can connect us to more businesses that share our philosophy of helping others to help themselves, and making a positive and lasting change in our local community and the wider world.”


If you would like to find out more about Nordis Signs services and how it can help you achieve more impactful supply chains, contact

If you are a social supplier and would like to access more procurement opportunities and increase your impact, register interest in joining Supply Change here.


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