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Social Telecoms: helping businesses navigate the energy crisis

UK energy prices are rising much faster than in Europe and these surging gas wholesale prices have put unprecedented pressure on the UK suppliers. It is likely that prices are going to rise even further, as the global demand for energy outweighs the supply levels and the UK gas demand increases as we enter the colder winter months. To help ease the pressure of the energy crisis, Supply Change Trusted Supplier, Social Telecoms is helping organisations to get better rates on their energy in these difficult times.

Why is there an energy crisis?

Industry group Oil & Gas UK has said wholesale prices for gas has surged by 250% since January this year, with a 70% increase since August alone. There are multiple causes of this, resulting in a perfect storm in energy costs. Those causes include:

  • The UK’s storage levels are low when compared to other European countries. This is in part due to a particularly cold winter last year and the closure of one of the UK’s biggest gas storage facilities in 2017.

  • Asia’s post-COVID bounce back has been higher than expected resulting in increased demand.

  • Less wind has meant there is less renewable energy to bolster the energy supply.

  • Russia is allegedly limiting its supply to the rest of Europe.

Who are Social Telecoms?

Social Telecoms are specialist telecommunications and digital inclusion providers supplying to social housing, social enterprises, charitable organisations and local government all over the UK. Their ongoing mission is to ensure all communities have equal opportunities to access the internet by bringing cost effective Wi-FI and Digital Inclusion services to as many organisations as possible.

How can Social Telecoms help?

Social Telecoms are now using their partner relationships within the mobile market to get their customers better value from their energy contracts. Sales manager Dale Lewis tells us what this can do for customers and how.

“We can now help our customers get the best value from their energy contracts, reduce their energy consumption, minimise their carbon footprint and ensure that their bills are right. Working with a leading energy broker, who in turn run a DPS thus ensuring all legal requirements are met, we can help our customers make future savings against energy and allow reinvestment into other areas of their organisation.”

Due to their buying power with over £250 million of energy spend under management, Social Telecoms can get you a better rate 9 times out of 10 (even with your current supplier). Their review is completely free and requires no obligation from you, so there really is nothing to lose. All you need to do is send them your renewal offer with the proposed new rates. Social Telecoms experts will then review the energy market for you and send you a quote.


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