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Staying Nimble in Uncertain Times

The work environment has changed dramatically in recent decades, not to mention the drastic transformations currently happening as a result of Covid-19. Companies are embracing new technologies and innovations, and working from home is fast becoming the norm. One trend that we’ve seen is an increasing desire to look for more satisfaction and variety, with people shifting between different jobs and industries more than ever before, (on average, an individual is now expected to make between 5–7 career changes in their lifetime). Adding to this, the coronavirus crisis has meant job insecurity and unemployment for many, and adapting to remote working for others. Overall, we can see that, now more than ever, people are looking for guidance and support in navigating their careers. Helping to bridge the gap between this desire for job satisfaction, the need to find employment and the ever-evolving nature of work is tech social enterprise, Stay Nimble.

Through their online platform, Stay Nimble helps thousands of individuals to navigate career transitions, helping them find the right job fit and a purpose beyond ordinary work. They do this through accessible and affordable digital career management support, empowering people to get ‘unstuck’ and successfully navigate their working lives by forging new career paths. Through a series of simple online assessments, Stay Nimble helps people to identify their strengths and go on to find new and more suitable careers, while upskilling in the process with tailored coaching.

With the current crisis throwing everything into a state flux, Stay Nimble is doing exactly what it says on the tin, helping people and businesses to be agile and adaptive to changing environments. In response to the situation, they are helping people who have recently lost their jobs to find new work, and are offering financial guidance and emotional wellbeing support. As a social enterprise, they reinvest the majority of their profits into community initiatives that help people facing disadvantage get access to better work.

As well as helping individuals get on the right career path, Stay Nimble supports organisations with restructuring and reskilling their workforce, as well as with the processes of managing offboarding and redundancies. They also help organisations deliver initiatives to increase employment for disadvantaged groups. For instance, after connecting at a ‘meet the buyer’ event in November 2019 hosted by Supply Change, Stay Nimble now works with leading housing provider, Orbit. Orbit is one of the largest housing providers in the country and this partnership will allow them to support hundreds of its residents to receive training and get into employment. In the initial rollout, 150 Orbit residents will gain access to the Stay Nimble platform to help them develop their careers. It’s part of Orbit’s ‘Better Days’ programme which is dedicated to helping residents with their overall wellbeing.

With its timely model, compassionate ethos, and progressive collaborations, Stay Nimble stands out as a pioneering social enterprise, capable of responding to present dilemmas whilst helping its users plan their futures.

Stay Nimble are a trusted supplier on the Supply Change platform, which helps connect social suppliers to businesses that want to make an impact with their spend. To become a supplier, social enterprises must register their interest and complete a questionnaire. Once the supplier has been assessed, Supply Change will create a profile for the business to showcase its trade, credentials and social impact. Buyers can then browse profiles and get in touch via the platform, helping social enterprises access opportunities and create more impact.


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