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Upcoming events for impact-focused procurement teams & social enterprises in August

To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.

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♻️️​Nene Wetlands Sustainability Workshop - Simple Swaps to Reduce Plastics

5th August , Rushden by Wildlife Trust BCN

Join this sustainable living event to learn about micro plastics, what to look out for when shopping and the simple substitutions you can make in your home to reduce the use of plastic.

🤝Permaculture and Sustainability Gathering

8th August , Moulton by Sol Laug Havens C.I.C T/A Sol Haven

An arena to meet new people , learn and exchange views plus attracting speakers to share their knowledge & wisdom on various subjects to do with permaculture, sustainability, waste reduction & how to use resources wisely.

📏 More Than Money: What is SROI and should you be measuring it?

10th August, online by Louisa Burman

This is one in a series of events that will help new and small businesses to understand what social impact is, how it applies to them and give actionable examples of how they can improve their own social impact.

🛤️ Grow Green Together - UON Centre Tour

12th August , Northampton by Elaine O'Leary

Join this event for a tour of nature and biodiversity at the Waterside campus.

On this walk you will be introduced to the Waterside landscape and you will be shown how, during the development of the brownfield site, many biodiversity measures were taken that have meant the wildlife is recovering all around.


Create your own social procurement event:

  • Increase understanding of social procurement in your network

  • Put buyers ‘at the table’ with social enterprise suppliers

  • Make your organisation stand out as a leader on impact

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📣Demystifying the TOMs for Suppliers

18th August , Online By Social Value Portal

In this webinar experts on the TOMs are gathered to provide invaluable advice to help you report on your social value.

The following will be covered:

- Real-life actionable tips on reporting social value

- A chance to give supplier feedback on the TOMs

- Upcoming platform developments with the Portal

🆘Addressing the Cost of Living Through Social Value

24th August , Online by Social Value Portal

Join this panel discussion featuring Social Value Portal and Neighbourly as they discuss how organisations can assist food banks and support networks that feed people in need.

- Get ideas on how to ease the cost of living for the most vulnerable

- Learn how you can support food banks and distribution networks

- See how to report it in social value terms

✏️Draw a hands-on Sustainability Plan

30th August, online by SDG Monitor

This webinar by SDG Monitor will guide you through a simple but effective step-by-step process for drawing a sustainability action plan for your company or organisation.


Find out more about our work to increase spending with social businesses here. To find out how to reach your sustainability targets through social procurement contact or check out our services for buyers.


To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.


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