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Upcoming events for impact-focused procurement teams & social enterprises in June

To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.


1st June, Hastings - By Unity Ventures

Supply Change is running a workshop with Unity Ventures.

Join The Suppliers Event to learn practical steps and advice to engage with and win public sector contracts for your social enterprise or charity.

8th June, Online - By Supply Change

As part of ISE's Social Enterprise Drive, join this event to learn how to win work from the public sector to grow your social enterprise.

The session will explore the following topics:

- Navigating the procurement process

- Who to target in public sector organisations

- How to sell the social impact of your social enterprise

8th June, Online - By LSE's Inclusion Initiative

As investor interest in ESG (environmental, social, governance) grows, an expert panel considers what components of “S” should be prioritised and measured, delving into how the sector could evolve as social impact measurement becomes more sophisticated.


Create your own social procurement event:

  • Increase understanding of social

procurement in your network

  • Put buyers ‘at the table’ with social enterprise suppliers

  • Make your organisation stand out as a leader on impact


16th June, Online - By Pioneers Post and NatWest S&CC

Explore some of the challenges facing refugees in the UK:

- What hurdles do refugees face when starting a business – and what can you do right now to support them?

- What should you consider when working with refugees in your organisation?

- How can you best share your professional experience and networks?

21st June, online - by Social Value Unit

This is an information session about social value legislation in public contracts. It's for organisations in Northern Ireland that work with people who are looking for employment, work placement opportunities, skills development and/or employment support and can help suppliers deliver their social value requirements.

23rd June, online - GreenSquareAccord, University of Birmingham and Interreg NWE CHARM

This workshop aims to answer the questions 'What is the circular economy and how can it be adopted in housing development and construction?' This interactive workshop will include context around UK policy, learning from circular housing developments in practice and resources to take away.

23rd June, online - By The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

The Value Toolkit by Construction Innovation Hub enables value-based decision-making focused on driving better social, environmental and economic outcomes, improving the industry’s impact on current and future generations. In this session, you can find out how to implement the new Value Toolkit.

23rd June, London - By Pioneers Post & NatWest

The SE100 is an annual awards programme to name, celebrate and learn from the UK's 100 most impressive social enterprises. UK's Top 100 social enterprises for 2022 will be named and one winner from each of the seven categories will be awarded for their achievements in social business.

24th of June, Nuneaton - By Nuneaton Signs

Nuneaton Signs celebration event will be an opportunity to meet and network with over social enterprises and buyers who are working with social enterprises. Speakers at the event include Beth Pilgrim of Supply Change, Peter Holbrook CBE of SEUK, Leyoh Goodall of Social Value Portal, Joe Oldham of Balfour Beatty and Florence Lack of Local Supply Chain.

25th June to 3rd July, London - By Climate Innovation Forum

London Climate Action week is harnessing the power of London for global climate action. LCAW is helping to shape our future into one that is net-zero, equitable and resilient. LCAW uses its global perspective to spark climate action around the world. Join this year's event in harnessing the power of London for global climate action!

June 28th, online - By London Sustainability SMEs

Sustainable Innovation is inviting London's businesses to join peers and learn how to develop your products and services sustainably. Learn how to take a pioneering approach to overcome sustainable challenges for your SME.

28th June, online - By Sustainable Communities UK

This event shares simple methods to reduce the carbon footprint of your community building and organisation, including community involvement, energy and waste.

29th June, online - By Our Newham Business and Enterprise

Newham Council wants to contract with more businesses in the local area. Join this workshop to find out how the Council buys services and how you can get your business in the best position to win contracts with Newham Council.

30th June, online - by FuturePlanet and Bates Wells

Collaboration is a powerful tool to achieve a greater impact in solving climate, social and sustainability challenges, extend your reach, amplify your message - and even save costs. Join the FuturePlanet community and Bates Wells for a workshop to discover best practices for successful collaborations and partnerships.


Find out more about our work to increase more spending with social businesses here. To find out how to reach your sustainability targets through social procurement contact or check out our services for buyers.


To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.


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