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Upcoming events for impact-focused procurement teams & social enterprises in November

To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.


Featured Event

24th November, Online by Supply Change and Constructionline

Join this event to explore:

  • How to find and buy from social enterprises efficiently and reliably whilst avoiding common barriers and mistakes

  • How the Social Value Model comes into play in government supply chains.

  • How Constructionline is helping buyers prioritise social value and how its partnership with Supply Change is helping social enterprises connect with buyers.


1st November, Online by Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre

This seminar is designed to help decision-makers in small organisations gain greater insights into sustainability. To understand what sustainability can mean for their businesses, dispel myths, share easy-to-follow tips and strategies to improve sustainability in small organisations.

2nd November, Online by Understory

Join for talks and discussion on:

  • Climate risk and how weather and climate change impacts business strategy

  • New innovations in carbon capture and water technology

  • Sustainable apparel and manufacturing

3rd November, Cornwall by Arca

Join this event to explore how business can be a restorative force, creating jobs, regenerating nature and delivering social justice and

  • Understand the flaws in our current system

  • Learn the key principles of the circular economy from leading academics

  • Explore case studies of businesses successfully balancing profit, people and planet

  • Use the business models canvas to analyse and improve your business model

  • Network with like-minded entrepreneurs

3rd November, Online by Responsible Futures

Join this webinar to find out the impact of travel on the planet, sustainable travel programme, how companies can measure their business travel carbon emissions, available tools and methodologies to a sustainable travel programme and the difference between net zero vs carbon neutrality.

3rd November, Online by Positive Planet

Join this online sessions to learn:

  • What is a sustainable supply chain

  • How to create a sustainable supply chain

  • Engaging your suppliers

  • Measuring supplier emissions

  • Evaluating your suppliers

  • Delivering emissions reduction across the supply chain

3rd November, Plymouth by The Plymouth Charter

Join this event for a chance to network over a supplied breakfast and find out the importance of social value, what you can do as an organisation and how you can effectively measure and evidence the good work you do. The main focus of this event is on how you can create partnerships to help deliver activities in Plymouth that will benefit both the community and your organisation and the available support you can get from Our Plymouth.

8th November, Online by Social Value UK

Join this panel discussion to understand why even bother and if “SDGs” is just another acronym for the impact alphabet soup? With the mission of the SDG’s agenda and the social value movement’s being so similar - can’t we just continue to work with social value and skip the SDGs (or vice versa)?


Connect with the perfect social suppliers

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  • Innovative tech products

  • Extensive networks and knowledge

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8th November, Online by Social Value UK

This webinar is an introductory course on business sustainability. Come and get inspired on how your company or organisation could start their sustainability journeys. During this session the following will be taught:

  • Basic things on sustainability and how to get started

  • Key sustainability terms

  • The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other global frameworks

  • SDG Monitor sustainability performance measurement tool

9th November, Bristol by County Business Shows Ltd

This event aims to understand the social value that we can create as businesses and how we can support wider business growth, skills, employment, and by extension the wider society.

11th November, Barton upon Humber by HEY Business Growth Hub

Join this workshop to understand how social value can create new income streams and help to win public sector tenders. As well as the theory of how to capture and manage the social value that your organisation creates. You will also learn about the process of collecting, managing and valuing impact and how to involve staff, volunteers, stakeholders and trustees in the process.

17th November, Online by Forward Trust

As part of their activities to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2022, Forward Enterprise Services are very excited to present this Masterclass where they will cover all of the things you should know and consider before setting up your business as a social enterprise. Look out for Supply Change COO, Aoise Keogan-Nooshabadi, who will be speaking about starting a social enterprise.

17th November, Online by Colbea

Join this event to learn:

  • How to get started on the road to Net Zero

  • Measure & understand your carbon emissions

  • Actions to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Benefit your business and the planet

  • Learn from local case studies

17th November, Coventry by SEM CIC & Cambio: House of Social Change

This event for social enterprises and supporters of social enterprises (including local partners in Coventry and HEIs) will involve networking, keynote speakers and an exhibition to celebrate Social Enterprise Day 2022.

17th November, London by TRAMPOLINE

Join this networking event to engage in conversations and build connections with other social entrepreneurs and sustainability/impact-driven professionals in order to spark ideas and maybe even walk away with a business partner or connections to potential clients. This event for social enterprises and supporters of social enterprises (including local partners in Coventry and HEIs) will involve networking, keynote speakers and an exhibition to celebrate Social Enterprise Day 2022.

22nd November, Online by SDG Monitor

This webinar will guide you through a simple but effective step-by-step process for drawing a sustainability action plan for your company or organisation. During this one-hour session you will learn how to:

  • Identify key environmental, social and economic challenges

  • Integrate SDGs into sustainability strategy

  • Create measurable action plan

  • Communicate effectively and transparently with your internal and external stakeholders

  • Use SDG Monitor

24th November, Online by Social Value Portal

Join this webinar by Social Value Portal as they launch their Central Government TOMs Mapping Tool. The tool aims to make the process of assessing and evaluating social value much simpler for those organisations who are bidding for work. There will be a panel discussion on some broad topics such as:

  • How are different authorities using the Social Value Model during procurement?

  • Is the Social Value Model still relevant, and is it addressing current community challenges?

  • What does good look like, and how is social value being measured beyond procurement?

29th November, Online by Social Value Portal

A roundtable discussion on

  • The collective responsibility between government and businesses to address these issues as a coherent whole

  • The importance of investing in energy efficiency

  • Balancing our need for energy security in light world geopolitics

  • How social value can be leveraged to tackle these issues together

30th November, online by Unltd

Social entrepreneurs have compelling answers to today’s challenges, so it is vital that policymakers get behind them. Come to this online event to help build a shared understanding between policymakers and social entrepreneurs at this critical time.


Find out more about our work to increase spending with social businesses here. To find out how to reach your sustainability targets through social procurement contact or check out our services for buyers.


To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.


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