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Upcoming events for impact-focused procurement teams & social enterprises in September

To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.

3rd September, Boddington by RSA

Hear from those who have successfully deployed insulation, heat pumps and solar panels in their homes and workplaces, and shrunk their carbon footprint. What are the costs, the risks and the benefits, and which technology might be right for you?

5th September, Online by Heart of the City

Explore the core benefits for developing lower carbon digital solutions, The tools to measure digital footprints, the practical solutions and skills you need to help your teams to reduce them and the benefits around performance and cost optimisation.

7th September, London by Outlandish

Join this event to understand the values that cooperatives support, develop a plan to align the values of the cooperative to its purchasing and procurement processes and the tools to deliberately use values as a marketing and sales strategy.

8th September, Leeds by Constructionline

This event gives you the chance to talk to some of the leading main contractors and public sector authorities to hear about upcoming work contracts in the area. Supply Change is exhibiting so come find our stall to talk social value or just for a friendly chat with our founders Aoise and Beth.

13th September, Bristol by Future Leap

Join this hybrid breakfast event sponsored by TLT to discuss the relationship between wellbeing, social value and future cities. This event aims to answer the questions “what does a healthy city look like right now” and “what will it look like in the future?”

13th September, London and Online by Big Society Capital

This is a 1-day, hybrid event for leaders of charities, social enterprises and community groups which are traditionally underrepresented or marginalised. The event will showcase the role of social investment in diverse communities, share real life insights and facilitate conversations, build connections and discuss how social investment can be made more accessible.

🎗️Future of Procurement in the Charity Sector Addressing Imbalance Live

15th September, London by Novo-K Procurement Solutions

In this event which is designed for procurement leaders in the Charity Sector the following topics will be discussed:

- Managing supply chain risk & resilience 

- Starting a sustainability journey - concern, priorities 

- Finding & retaining procurement and sustainability talent

20th September, online by edie

Hosted during edie’s Sustainable Development Goals Week and Climate Week NYC, this one-hour webinar will hear from industry leaders across the built environment value chain who are retrofitting, renovating and building from the ground up to accelerate the transition to net-zero carbon buildings.


Create your own social procurement event:

  • Increase understanding of social procurement in your network

  • Put buyers ‘at the table’ with social enterprise suppliers

  • Make your organisation stand out as a leader on impact


21st September, Cardiff by Constructing Excellence in Wales

This event will give you an insight into how making better buying decisions and improving your procurement process can reduce your own carbon emissions, address embedded carbon, and deliver upon Net Zero targets by advocating a circular economy approach.

21st September, London by Good Innovation

Join this event for networking and hear a panel of speakers from some of the biggest charities and companies in the UK leading pioneering collaborations. The following topics will be discussed:

- How to think creatively about potential partners

- Essentials when setting up and running collaborations effectively

- Maintaining and scaling existing collaborations

- The benefits of working together with your competitors

22nd September, Online by Pioneers Post and NatWest

In the next WISE Ways to Lead webinar, Pioneers Post will see how two social entrepreneurs are using – or intentionally not using – their lived experience to market their enterprise; and pick up some tricks they've learnt along the way.

27th -29th September & 7th October, Online by ANTZ UK

Join these fully funded online events to learn how to implement Social Value into your business, how to grow your business & change lives in your local community and how to meet the Government Policy Procurement Notes when looking to win bids & tenders.

27th September, Online by Heart of the City

Join and learn when to use offsetting, what it really is, the good, the bad and the gold standard. Explore green marketing and how to share all the amazing work you’re doing whilst avoiding greenwashing.

28th September, Manchester by VCG Technology Services

This event will help to discover how you can make big changes happen with technology and IT to reduce carbon footprint and create a positive impact on your organisation and community.

29th September, Online by Hanson UK

In this Let’s Talk Sustainability event, best practice will be demonstrated and Hanson learnings and activities that can be replicated across the construction industry will be discussed; As well as showing how collaboration can help overcome the challenges to delivering social value.

29th September, Online by Social Value UK

In this panel discussion the following will be discussed:

  • Who should be held to account for the progress (or lack of) made since the COP26 meet?

  • How can we ensure that social and environmental considerations are hard wired into decision making?

  • Who are the stakeholders impacted by the decisions that will be made at COP27 and how can we give them a voice?


Find out more about our work to increase more spending with social businesses here. To find out how to reach your sustainability targets through social procurement contact or check out our services for buyers.


To get the latest events, resources and thinking around social impact and sustainability in business subscribe to The Social Procurement Round-Up.


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