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Winning UK Government contracts through delivering social value

Online event, 24th of June

Learn about the Social Value Model, a £284 Billion opportunity and meet with corporate buyers and social enterprise suppliers

Winning UK Government contracts through delivering social value event. Online, 24th June 10am. Register free

About this event

Co-hosted by Hogan Lovells and Supply Change, this event will help corporates and SME/Social Enterprises deliver on the Government’s ambition for social value to be embedded in the delivery of all public sector contracts (in accordance with the latest Social Value Model requirements) and thereby win those contracts.

This event will provide insights on policy, law, best procurement practice, effective win strategies and how, through working with social enterprises, corporates can deliver positive impact.

A meet-the-corporate buyer session will take place, allowing corporates to meet with social enterprises to create partnerships and opportunities to create social value.


If your organisation is aiming to create more impact and engage with social enterprise suppliers, please contact


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