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March 29 + 30

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Post-event resources

Make social procurement easier, faster and more impactful.

📅 ​Upcoming events for impact-focused procurement teams & social suppliers

Events from around the UK on topics including sustainable procurement, social value and social enterprise.

🏗️ The Social Procurement in Construction Guide for buyers and suppliers

A practical guide explaining common barriers around social procurement and how to tackle them.

🗞️ News and resources on sustainability, social value and social procurement

Curated newsletters to keep you informed of the wider context, new thinking and opportunities.

📝 The Positive Procurement Blog

Learning and thought leadership in procurement, social enterprise and impact including:

Sponsor next year's event

If you want to lead the conversation on social procurement and an event that's attended leading organisations and influential decision-makers across the private and public sector, send us a message.

About the event

Social procurement brings together all the conversations on social and environmental sustainability, supplier diversity, local supply chains and supply chain resilience. The Social Procurement Festival is the event that gathers leaders across the public and private sectors to learn and share best practices for social procurement and to network with decision-makers and social enterprise suppliers.

Who's involved

Every year we welcome attendees and speakers from Central Government, local authorities, housing associations, built environment organisations and corporates. We expect to gather 200-250 attendees to discuss best practice, celebrate social enterprise procurement, foster connections and learn about what 2023 entails for social enterprises and buying organisations.


What to expect

  • Talks from influential speakers

  • Conference-style networking

  • Practical advice and information

  • Social procurement 'meet the buyer'

  • Inspiring stories

  • Connections and actions to take your
    social procurement journey forward

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Why attend

Social suppliers

(eg Social enterprises, environmental suppliers, B Corps, cooperatives, community businesses)


  • Meet new buyers

  • Become procurement experts

  • Partner up to get bigger contracts

  • Get more support

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(eg Public and private sector, social value managers, procurement professionals, sustainability leads)

  • Turn your team into social procurement experts

  • Find the perfect social suppliers

  • Connect with new and existing clients

  • Learn about policy and the wider context

  • Create social procurement across your supply chain

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Why attend

Get in touch

Contact us to discuss social procurement and events for your organisation.

Our team will get back to you within two working days to arrange an initial call.

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The Social Procurement Round Up

The Social Procurement Round-up keeps those motivated by impact in business up to date with the latest in social enterprise, sustainability and CSR.

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